Tips for Travelling in Queensland

Whether you’re an international visitor to the land down under, or a local of a particular region hoping to explore all that Queensland has to offer; you’ll be amazed at just how much there is to do. Below, you’ll find several tips for travelling in Queensland – all of which can help to enhance your experience and all but guarantee a great trip!

Plan your trip

With the expansive Coral Sea on its North Eastern coast, as well as huge collections of scenery throughout the region, a trip to Queensland will definitely take a little planning. The great thing about a holiday is that you are free to do whatever you like – be it venturing out on a boat, hiking across stunning vistas, or visiting any number of the attractions in the area. Before you visit, spend a few weeks online researching what there is to do, and then plan around your activities.

Always bring a map

If there’s one thing that can be said about Australia, it’s that it is a huge country filled with culture. Queensland occupies almost a full quarter of the countries’ mass, so it’s vital to bring at least one map with you, wherever you go. From finding your way back to a highway from coastal spot, all the way to navigating to the nearest hotel or shopping facility – your trip will be far more enjoyable if you know where you’re headed.

Don’t be afraid to ask the locals

The Australian locals are well-known for their hospitality and most are more than happy to help with directions and guidance should you find yourself lost. If you need to learn how to get to a particular area of interest such as a park, the world-renowned Queensland Zoo, or anywhere else for that matter; there’s nothing quite as effective as a bit of advice from a pleasant local to set you on your way.